Pipeline Sampler

Pipeline Sampler
Introduction: An automatic sampler for pulp sampling from closed pipelines
Sampling Time: Minimum for 1 min
Improvement: This product could set sampling time. The minimum sampling time is 1min. The sampling time could be adjusted by requirement of tester. The sample is typical and could show the change of ore pulp (powder) in special time.

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Safe and stable;Simple operation;Convenient maintenance;Long service life

Product Structure

Automatic pipeline sampler extract ore sample by Core spiral sampler, the ore sample is fed to crusher through closed feeding, then enter to splitting sample aggregator, the ore sample that through the splitting pass into sample aggregator, the extra ore sample return back to mine ore by tailings processing system.

Technical Parameters

If you want to know the product price, feed particle size, production capacity, size, etc., please contact us online service.

Successful case

A manganese ore dressing plant in Guangxi need a pipeline sampler to test each technology indexes in mineral processing. The performance of original sampler is too low to adapt to modern technology, after selected Xinahi full-automatic pipeline sampler, the customer can set the sampling interval, the shortest time is 1minute/second, the operator can also single sampling manually according to the requirements, the whole sampling process is efficient and quick. And the equipment has simple structure, which is easy to maintain, and the price is reasonable, saving the equipment cost.